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1. We use cookies to learn more about visitor interactions with our content and to enhance the experience of visiting our Website.

2. The Internet service collects information about all the results through so-called BD. “Cookies”. Cookies are small text files that are collected during a visit to an information page about user preferences. Cookies can be deleted at any time or blocked by the user through the appropriate browser settings. We use cookies to personalize our website and to improve its functionality. Please note that we do not use cookies to identify the personal data of their users. ,

3. Cookies used:

A) tailor web page content to user preferences and optimize site usage;

B) collect statistics on visits to our Website that will help us improve the structure and content of our pages;

C) To make it easier for the user to log in, so that the renewal is not repeated by logging in to enter their username and password.

4. The following cookies are used in the context of the website:

A) Session cookies are stored on the computer temporarily as the visitor travels through the site. These cookies are deleted when the user closes their web browser, logs off, or the session expires.

B) Cookies are stored uninterrupted (persistent cookies) until they are deleted on the stored viewer’s computer.

UTMA – A cookie stored by Google Analytics

UTMB – A cookie stored by Google Analytics

UTMC – A cookie stored by Google Analytics

utmz – A cookie stored by Google Analytics

first_entry-Cookies – Used to find out if a user has visited the page on your calendar.

5. All web browsers have the option to select or disable your browser settings or preferences depending on the use of cookies. The steps required by the browser vary from browser to browser; For instructions, see your browser’s help menu.

Cookies. Disabling cookies may result in limitations in certain functions of our website.